Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Latest Mobogenie Android App

MOBOGENIE: Best synchronization Android Software

Download latest version 2.1.27 of mobogenie. CLICK HERE!!

Did you ever wish you could carry the data in your PC on your phone?
Mobogenie makes it possible!
Transfer pictures, videos, music and other data between your PC and phone... all with just one click!

Features of Mobogenie:

Back Up My Phone
Restore My Back Up
Download Apps
Download wallpapers
Download Ringtones
Download Videos
Create new contact
Edit a contact
Chat with user through SMS manager
Install new app from your computer
Move app from internal storage to SD card
Importing/exporting Pictures/ringtones/Videos

Whether it is a new Android phone or the fear of losing your current device, keep your data backed up without a fuss.
Your precious contact list, texts, pictures, videos… all tucked away safely for a new phone!
Try it now. Offer valid only in India.
Free of cost: Click on the following image

What's new on MOBOGENIE version 2.1.27? 
# 1 A Download Manager on a Popup
The latest Mobogenie comes with a download manager on a popup, so that it’s easier for you to keep a check on your downloads. So, if an app is stuck because of a weak connection or a game has been downloaded successfully, you get all the information at once. And easily.
Yep, we do believe in doing things out of the box.

# 2 Smart Updates  
So you have at least 73 apps on your phone, and yes, you cannot keep up with the latest updates on each of them. But, but, you got Mobogenie, baby! A smarter way to update would be to run your eyes over the list of apps on your phone that have been updated, and at the click of a button… you know the drill.

# 3 Manage your Apps
A better way of managing your apps – find apps that have updates available or make a quick shift of a few apps from your phone memory to the external. Uninstall the old. Make way for the new. Easy peasy.

# 4 An Enhanced Driver-finding Process
Just like last time, but even faster. And smoother. So you can go about with your work on Mobogenie, message a few people, install a game and you’re good to go! Fast, to-the-point and effective.
There’s more on the way… because at Mobogenie, life’s all about giving you the best. For FREE!

Get the new version now...Click HERE!!! 

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