Saturday, December 21, 2013

Cheapest Smartphones Online this Christmas & New Year

Cheapest Smartphones Online this Christmas & New Year


One of the company has again come up with the best online offers on smartphones. Irrespective of the brand this offer is applicable to few of the best smartphones that can be grabbed online at a very low price. First off all the prices are slashed this Christmas and above that this online company is giving a benefit for SBI card customers by giving them  more 10% cashback on the purchase. This offers are on Smartphones.
This is the best time to get the favorite smartphones at cheapest price in India.
There are around 150+ smartphones which falls under this offer and all are best of the brands. This is best time to get this mobile at cheapest price. Moreover you get the option of Replacement Guarantee, Cash on Delivery, EMI Option and Free Home Delivery.

I have verified with few of the Offline Stores and trust me the prices are no where near to the offers available here. Last week i asked few of the offline stores regarding NOKIA LUMIA 520 and the prices are around Rs 11,300 to 11,800 in India and also there is something called as DP price which is Dealers price and when verified that respective DP sheet, the cost was Rs 9999.00. Dealer will never sell below this price and when compared here, its almost a difference of Rs 3000. Similarly the cheapest mobiles for all the brands can be purchased in this offer. The reason why the cost is more at the Shopping Complex or Malls are they have something extra to pay i.e. Maintenance Charge which incurs due to the Rent of the store, Staff payment, Electricity Bill and also above that their margin, hence these charges have to be paid by someone. This is paid by the customers who shop there where as at Online all these problems doesn't exist and hence the company keeps only the margin and the price is low when compared to the Offline stores.

Best Smartphones with the best offers for the best people are available here. Chose your favorite one at cheapest price in India and also save some money on it which can be used for the other purpose.

Check out the offers and if you think this post has helped you in any way or it's informative, i request you 2 things.

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Few of the jaw dropping online offers for smartphones here are:[]=sort%3Dpopularity&sid=tyy%2C4io&affid=rameshwarp

BlackBerry Z10 (Charcoal Black)
Market Price : Rs. 27499
9% OFF = Rs. 24999
10% cashback = Rs 22500

HTC Butterfly X920D (Black)
Market Price : Rs. 29999
6% OFF = Rs. 27999
10% cashback = Rs 25200

Samsung Galaxy Mega 6.3 I9200 (Black)
Market Price : Rs. 31490
17% OFF = Rs. 25999
10% cashback = Rs 23400

Nokia Lumia 520 (Black)
Market Price : Rs. 11289
26% OFF = Rs. 8245
10% cashback = Rs  7425

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