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Where the whole India is predicting the launch date of Moto G and majority of the news, blogs stated that it will be launched on 5th Feb 2014, they all are wrong and just guessing it. MOTO G is about to get launched in next few hours i.e. tonight on 06-Feb (00:00:01 AM) and most of the people are waiting to buy this beauty.. It's better to find the best price on this new smartphone and save money when brought. Before that let's know the features and try to find out the launching price of the MOTO G. Most of the sites and blogs were stating the price would be Rs  15,000 or Rs 17,500 and some predicting it as Rs 12,000. Now let me tell you the correct price of Moto G in India.

For 8 GB Moto G, the cost in India is Rs 12,499
For 16 GB Moto G, the cost in India is Rs 13,999 

Let's know about this Exceptional Smartphone with Exceptional Price.

1. Stunning Display, Exceptional Price

The big brilliant sharp screen is what you'll notice first. Then how easy it is to use with one hand because of how it's curved.

    Edge-to-Edge 11.43cm(4.5')HD Display
    Scratch resistant Corning® Gorilla® Glass
    Water-Repellent Coating.

2. All-day battery* at Quad-core Speed, Exceptional Price

With an easy-to-use Android operating system, Moto G is designed for all the things you want to do– streaming YouTube, checking Gmail, browsing on Chrome, finding your way on Maps, and more. Moto G opens up a new world to you.

3. Advanced android with Guaranteed Upgrade

    Pure Android Experience
    Android™ 4.3 with Guaranteed Upgrade

4. Dual SIM

Why carry two phones when you've got Moto G? Dual SIM doubles your choices, giving you the option to use more than one number and network

5. Customize with Colored Backs

Moto G has a back you can switch out, just like that. Buy any back–or 10 or 20–that speaks to you. Some have grips. Some have prints. Some flip. All are fun. Then decide to match, or change things up for no reason at all, whenever the mood strikes.

VIDEO : An awesome ad on this sexy Moto G which we for sure tempt you to get this beauty..Watch the video..


1. FLAT 70% OFF: Customize your MOTO G with Flat 70% OFF on moto colourful covers

2. Rs 1000 OFF : Stay Stylish with Rs 1000 OFF on CLOTHING.

3. Rs 500 OFF : Experience stunning HD display with Rs 500 OFF on eBooks

4. 100% CASHBACK : If you are lucky then here is a chance to win 100% Cash back as store credit on Moto G*


This phone will be available at an awesome price starting from Rs 12,499/- only. Also, for launch day only (06-Feb from 00:00:01 am upto 11:59:59 pm), there will be additional offers mentioned below for all customers who purchase Moto G:

    Rs 500/- Off on any eBooks purchases over Rs 501/-
    Rs 1000/- Off on Clothing purchases over Rs 1001/-
    Flat 70% Off on colourful phone cases bought along with the Moto G
    A chance to win 100% Off (Flipkart store credit) on your Moto G phone purchase (for 100 lucky Moto G customers)

NOTE : The Buy Now Option will be active  only at 06-Feb from 00:00:01 am 


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