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Republic Day : INDIA : 26th January 1950: A day which is and always be remembered by every INDIANS as this is the day when Constitution of India came in to force as governing document of India by replacing the Government of India act.
As Republic Day is just few days ahead, most of the online retailers are also participating by bringing best of best offers and discounts to the online shoppers. When everyone in this country are busy with event preparation for Republic Day, some online retailers have also painted their portal in tri-colours (Saffron, White and Green) and Asoka Chakra.
The best part is that for next few days, you can find the best offers on many products and can save money while you shop online. Online shopping is not just buying it from a specific portal for a product that we are looking for, instead it should be getting that product at lowest price so that some money can be saved which can be used for other expenses.
After going through most of the portals, some of the best offers that I think people would get benefited are as stated below.
These Offers are named as REPUBLIC DAY SALE.

First, let's talk about the Cash Back Offers. The reason for bringing this at first section is that if an online shopper has the specific card on which the cash back offer is there and the product of which he/she is looking for has some discounts then he/she will get the double benefit of Cash back and as well as of discount.


The above picture clearly states that if shopping done by using a HSBC Credit or Debit Card and if the minimum purchases are worth Rs 10,000 then the customer will be eligible for getting 10% cash back. Also the maximum cash back per HSBC card that a customer can avail is Rs 3,000.
Smart Shoppers can take this offers in buying Mobiles, Tablets, Laptops, Gaming Consoles and any other electronic items as the cost of the mentioned items are normally greater than Rs 10,000.

HSBC Bank Debit and Credit Card Cash Back Terms & Conditions

This offer is brought by The HongKong and Shanghai Banking Corporation Limited India (HSBC) for all resident credit card holders holding valid credit cards from HSBC India except corporate credit cards and for all resident debit card holders holding valid debit cards from HSBC India ("Cardholders"). Cardholders are required to use their HSBC Debit/Credit card to avail the offer. Any participation in the offer is voluntary.
This offer is valid starting 22 January 2014 and ending on 28 January 2014, both days included (referred as 'Sale/offer period').
Under the offer, Cardholders who will use their HSBC Cards (HSBC Debit and / or Credit card) during the offer period at, will be eligible for additional 10 % cash back (subject to a maximum of INR 3000/-) on purchase transactions of INR 10,000 or more.
This offer is valid on purchases from all sellers whose products are displayed on during the offer period.
This cash back is over and above any offer extended by Flipkart or directly by the seller (whose products are displayed on the website) at However the net value of the transaction will be considered for the terms of eligibility under the HSBC cash back offer.
Prior to using the said, the Cardholder should read and understand the user agreement of the said website and proceed only if the Cardholder agrees to abide by the same. The Cardholder may be required to give personal information and other details online. The Cardholder should read and understand the privacy policy of the website and the terms relating to confidentiality prior to providing any such information.
For an order to be eligible for the cash back, the purchase should be paid for in-full using an HSBC Debit or Credit card. Partial payment by eGiftVoucher would not be eligible for the offer. Payment vide Wallet (store credit) is not eligible for the cash back.
This offer is NOT applicable towards the purchase of eGiftVouchers.
The maximum cash back offered is INR 3000 per card (including add on cards and multiple cards) under the HSBC cash back offer. Debit cards and credit cards held by the same Cardholder would be eligible for separate cash back of max INR 3,000 subject to the Cardholder incurring a purchase transaction of INR 10000 separately on each card during the offer period. Single/multiple purchase transactions of INR 10000 and above incurred during the offer period on the said ,website, will be eligible for the offer. Add on cards or multiple debit/credit cards held by the same Cardholder would not be eligible to receive separate cash back amount under the offer.
HSBC Credit Cardholders, who have not made the payment of their minimum amount due, even after 30 days of the last payment due date (mentioned on the card statement) will not be eligible for the offer.
This offer will not be applicable for Card-On-Delivery POS transactions.
If the transaction is subsequently converted to EMI on the HSBC card, the Cardholder will be eligible for the cash back based on the terms of the offer.
The cash back will be credited to the credit card account or the bank account linked to the debit card before 30th April, 2014.
Tax liability, if any, arising out of the offer will need to be borne by the Cardholder.
No cash back will be credited if the account on which the card was issued is closed before the credit of cash back.
All decisions in respect of the cash back offer shall be at the sole discretion of HSBC and the same shall be final, binding and non-contestable. Other than the specific entitlements available to the Cardholders under this Offer, any other claims with regard to this Offer against HSBC are waived.
HSBC is not making any offer on the products and does not make any warranties or representation as to the quality, merchantability, suitability, fitness or availability of the products which the Cardholder purchases using the HSBC Credit Card or debit card and HSBC shall not be liable for any defect or deficiency in such products availed.
The usage of credit card and debit card is governed by applicable terms & conditions. Please visit for detailed terms and conditions
The offer is subject to force majeure events.
If a transaction is cancelled by the Cardholder, the cash back will not be paid for that value. If the value of the transaction falls below the minimum threshold of INR 10,000, due to this cancellation, the Cardholder will not be entitled to any cash back for that transaction.
Orders that have not been fulfilled and have been cancelled due to non-availability of goods at the sellers end will also not qualify for cash back. In case of part cancellation of the order, if the purchase value is below the qualifying transaction limit of Rs. 10000, the cash back will be offered on the differential amount. Example: If you ordered two items worth Rs. 8000 each (total cart value=Rs. 16000) and the seller cancelled one item due to non-availability of goods, cash back will be offered on Rs. 8000 even though the post-cancellation amount is below qualifying transaction amount of Rs. 10000.
HSBC will not be liable for any loss or damage whatsoever that may be suffered, or for any personal injury that maybe suffered, as a result of participating in the offer.
Any dispute arising out of or in connection with this offer shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts in Mumbai only.
The existence of a dispute, if any, shall not constitute any claim against HSBC.
By participating in the offer, the Cardholders shall be deemed to have accepted these terms and conditions of the offer and the terms and conditions of debit card and card mentioned on the site in totality.

If noticed couple of years back people use to wait for sales at Offline stores like in Malls and Complexes and even I use to do so and the reasons for to buy at Offline stores was to get the feel of the footwear purchased and mainly to get the perfect size. Normally even in sale, I was never satisfied by the discounts given by stores as it use to be very less. Now there is no need of waiting for sale as frequently the online retailers come up with one or the other offer and choosing a perfect size is also not a challenge any more. The best part of the online stores are that they have this replacement policy where in the items can be returned within specified time if the item is faulty, wrong size or any other reason. No charges has to be paid during replacing the items. In this Republic Day sale, there is really a good offers on both Men and Women's Footwear.


This is my personal experience when I go to shop for Kitchen or Home Appliances at Offline Stores. The margin of profit kept on from small items like Spoon, fork, Toaster to Microwave is really huge. One of my friend has Home Appliances Offline store and I had a chance to look at the Stock Sheet. The sheet is divided in to 3 sections, ITEM NAME, DEALERS PRICE, Maximum Retail Price. Dealers Price is the one at which the Retailer gets the product from the Whole Seller and the MRP is at which the product is sold to the Consumer. Now I being close when ask for discounts and just to win my confidence he opens the sheet and tells that take the item at Dealers Price and he justifies saying that he is making No profit on the products which I have purchased but Hang On, that is only on the sheet. Actually he gets the product for more 6 to 10% less than the Dealers Price. Think If the stores sells the product on MRP. The profit is huge. Anyway now for any item I browse online and get best offers.


As Innovation has become a part of our daily life and every day we see new things, electronics and computers are the one which are the major part of these changes. Very hardly we can see that a person using a laptop which is 5 to 10 years old from now. Also shelling out money on laptop every time when there is new model in the market doesn't make sense as the cost of laptops are high when launched. More over getting the right price for the old laptop is difficult and people compromise on the price that they are not happy with. Now this online retailer has come up with Laptop Exchange offer where in the old laptop can be exchange for a new one where in the maximum amount quoted for old laptop is up to Rs 9000.

Smart Shoppers can choose a laptop which costs between Rs 30,000 to Rs 40,000. Let's choose a Laptop which cost Rs 39,000. Exchanging of Old laptop fetched Rs 9,000. Now the cost of the laptop is Rs 30,000. Use HSBC Credit or Debit Card and get 10% Cash Back on it i.e. Rs 3,000. Logically the cost of the Laptop for you is Rs 27,000 which is actually a great deal on Electronics.


Best Offer on IPADS: Right time to buy Ipads if you are planning to buy one. We all know that Apple hardly gives any offer or discounts on their products as they know that they sell like hot cakes. Check out the offer on iPADS.Best Offer on Laptops: Some of the laptops on which up to 20% discount + 10 %( HSBC Cards) cash back can be availed
Select iPads - Flat 15% off
Select Laptops - Upto 20% off
Best Offer on Cameras:Best Offer on Mobile Phones
 Cameras - Upto 40% off
Best Prices on Mobiles
Best Offer on IPAD:Best Offer on Google Nexus 7 tabs:
iPads  - Extra 10% off on HSBC Cards
Nexus 7 Tablet - Best Price
Best Offer on Video Player:Best Offer on Camera Accessories:
Buy Movie Player now ,Get Extra 20% off on Movies on next purchase
Select Camera Accessories - Extra 5% Off
Best Offers on Clothing:Best Offers on Perfumes:

There are some more offers on other products but they are not a part of Republic Day Sale. Will update soon on the other offers.
Another online retail giant which has also come up with Republic Day sale is Amazon. The offers given by this company is as below:

Republic Day Republic Day Deals

10% Cash Back on all SBI Bank Credit Card purchases

Shop for the hottest Republic Day Deals with products from across Amazon.

Enjoy 10% Cash Back on all products including Mobiles, Computers, Watches, Books, Movies & TV Shows, Home & Kitchen, Toys & Games, Baby Products, Beauty and Fashion Jewellery. Also, shop for Kindle Fire HD Tablet and Kindle Paperwhite and more. Cash Back is applicable for product purchases made using SBI Bank Credit Cards only. Each card is eligible for Cash Back up to ₹ 2,000 in the promotion period. Digital content purchases are excluded from this promotion (eBooks and Apps).

The promotion is valid till 26th January 2014. See full terms & conditions of the promotion.

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