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People always want the new product that gets launched in the market especially the Gadgets and I have noticed that since 4 to 5 years the price of these Gadgets are sky high. Affording latest smartphones are not possible by everyone and hence we stop dreaming about getting such smartphones.

But here is a chance which may win you a brand new NOKIA LUMIA 1520 which costs approximately Rs 50,000 in INDIAN market and I bet most of the employee will not have their salary in this range. Anyway instead of talking about the current salary situation of employees let me get down to the point on How to win NOKIA LUMIA 1520.

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Now on How to win a brand new NOKIA LUMIA 1520 and many other prizes. The contest details is stated as below:

Nokia Lumia 1020 is just one click away!

Aspiring to have a big screen Lumia 1020 experience? Devworx is delighted to announce Idea to App contest where you can win one! Participate now to win!

Nokia Lumia 1020, Nokia Lumia 520, Digit Subscription, Gift Vouchers, 1500 Experience Points and many more assured prizes to be won!

So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and register now!

Weekly Prizes * :

    1 x Nokia Lumia 1020 per week: Early App Submission during the week. 1 lucky entries will be shortlisted.
    5 x Nokia Lumia 520 per week: Early App Submission during the week. 5 lucky entries will be shortlisted.
    3 x Rs. 1000 GVs each week: The top 3 users who share the contest page on Facebook tag the contest AND tag with #idea2app.

Assured Prizes:

    Digit Subscription for 3 months: Get free 3 months Digit Subscription worth Rs. 650/-

Overall Prizes:

    10 x Nokia Lumia 1020: 10 winners to get 1 Nokia Lumia 1020 each.
    1500 Experience Points: You will get 750 points for each app that you develop upto a maximum of 2 apps. The points could be redeemed for some really cool, exciting prizes and additional prizes.

In case you are facing any problems, please feel free to mail us at-

On popular demand contest has been extended till 25th January 2014

STEPS to win these awesome prizes:

CLICK HERE and hope you win this Awesome smartphone. All the best.

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